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Mary Meyer’s Polar Bear – Igloo Reversible Stuffed Toy

For Mary Meyer’s Christmas line in 1994 our designer, Steven Meyer, Mary Meyer’s grandson, Polar Bear-Igloo Reverible created Frigi-Bear, which was a polar bear that could be turned inside-out and became an Igloo. The Frigi-Bear was made of White plush-toy fabric and was 8” high with Black eyes and nose.  There is an opening in […]

Mary Meyer Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk

  In the mid 1960s  Mary Meyer created a Standing Musical Elephant with moving trunk.  It was 11 inches high, made of Grey plush with White ears, Black/White felt eyes, a Red neck-ribbon and Pink “I’m A Musical”  ribbon tag.The musical mechanism was made in Switzerland and was wound up with a key.  As the music played the trunk turned. […]

Maui Press-On Cow Sticks to Car Windows

     Maui Cow Press-On was introduced by Mary Meyer for Christmas 1988 – 26 years ago –  and was sold through the mid 1990s.  Mary Meyer is a stuffed  animal designer, manufacturer and distributor established in 1933 and today located in Vermont and run by Mary Meyer’s family.      Maui Cow was 5” high with […]

Best Mary Meyer Stuffed Animal Designs  – 1930s to Today      I’m writing to tell about great designs created during the past 50 or more years. My hope is these toy design will not be forgotten and they can see the light of day again.       Shearson Sheep is my favorite Mary Meyer toy and was […]