12 October 2017

I Can Help You . . .

I Can Help You…

Charities need Christmas gifts for kids during the holiday season.   They have to be good quality and not cost too much.

If you are searching for low cost stuffed animals or plush toys to give to youngsters who might not get much of anything from Santa, I can help you.

Halfpriceplush.com  is a website and a great place to get great values for your dollars. Each year Mary Meyer stuffed toys retires over 100 designs and we offers them at below wholesale price. This is a great opportunity for a charity to pick up a variety of top quality stuffed toys at low, low prices.

A charity or any other group looking for quality toys at low cost can select from over 150 different sizes, shapes and prices direct from the manufacturer- all at below wholesale price and some at really giveaway prices. It depends what you need.

Take a look at Halfpriceplush.com and see what good deals we have for you.

by Walter Meyer

email – walter_meyer@marymeyer.com

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