11 April 2014

Maui Press-On Cow Sticks to Car Windows

     Maui Cow Press-On was introduced by Mary Meyer for Christmas 1988 – 26 years ago –  and was sold through the mid 1990s.  Mary Meyer is a stuffed  animal designer, manufacturer and distributor established in 1933 and today located in Vermont and run by Mary Meyer’s family.

Cow Stuffed Toy Cow

     Maui Cow was 5” high with a plastic suction cup on all four feet.  The suction cups were  used to hold the toy Cow onto car windows. The cartoon character cat –  “Garfield” with suction cups was also very popular at that time.

     Maui Cow was Black and White plush, with Tan horns, Hawaiian print shorts and wore plastic sun-glasses.
     During the late 1980s and 1990s many cars could be seen with these press-on cows and other stuffed animals attached to their windows. 

     In 1988 the Maui Cows sold for $4.99 in retail stores. Also in this series with the Press-On Cow was a Press-On Moose, which also retailed for $4.99.

     This design concept of stuffed animals stuck on car windows is no longer a popular fad. Today  animals stuck on car windows are few and far between.

     The purpose of this story is to remind us of the great stuffed toy designs created by Mary Meyer designers during the past 50 to 60 years.  Stuffed toy designers have created millions of different toys.

     I have been here at Mary Meyer watching all the new designs since 1955.  We stuffed animal designers are artist who create “New Ideas”, which we then manufacture in quantity.  These designs then end up in people’s homes and today can be found in attics, closets and toy boxes all over the USA. 

     How many stuffed animals do you think are here in this country?  I think there are Millions of “much-loved” stuffed toys and we keep adding to their population every year.

by Walter Meyer
Mary Meyer’s son




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