21 April 2014

Mary Meyer’s Polar Bear – Igloo Reversible Stuffed Toy

For Mary Meyer’s Christmas line in 1994 our
designer, Steven Meyer, Mary Meyer’s grandson,

Polar Bear-Igloo Reverible

created Frigi-Bear, which was a polar bear that could be turned inside-out and became an Igloo.

The Frigi-Bear was made of White plush-toy fabric and was 8” high with Black eyes and nose.  There is an opening in the back of the bear through which you can turn the toy wrong-side-out.  When turned, it becomes an igloo.

In a retail store Frigi-Bear sold for $15.98

Mary Meyer made a few different reversible toy designs, this one being the most creative.

The Polar Bear/Igloo was manufactured during the early to mid1990s. 

Only a few thousand were made so it is not a common, everyday design.  This Polar Bear/Igloo may be in some attics or toy boxes, but the toy is a rarity.

by Walter Meyer
Mary Meyer’s son




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