18 October 2017

I Have a Great Fund Raising Idea

If there is anything a charity needs it’s a product everyone wants. Fund raising at Christmas time can be very successful. I’ve done it for many years and Teddy Bears are very popular and in demand.

My wife volunteered to be the secretary of a local charity and she asked me one evening my thoughts on fund raising. It was in the fall and Christmas was coming.  I said, ”How about one of our Mary Meyer teddy bears” and we were off and running.

That was 15+ years ago and that charity has been using our bears ever since. That year it was used by the local chapter of the charity and they made about $800 profit. Today it’s many thousands of dollars and it covers the whole state of Vermont.

Fund raising with Mary Meyer stuffed toys is a wonderful activity. Everyone wins. The buyer buys a great product at a low price. The charity pays $5 and sells for $10 earning money they need to operate. Mary Meyer distributes more wonderful toys and makes kids happy. That’s how fund raising projects operate.

The charity I spoke about in the above example has continued to use our toys for the past 15 years. They continue to love our toys. Teddy bears were the first fund raising toys we used. Today we offer in addition, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Variety is the answer, plus low price and top quality.

Fund raising with Mary Meyer toys is a real winner.

by Walter Meyer
email –walter_meyer@marymeyer.com

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