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I Have a Great Fund Raising Idea

If there is anything a charity needs it’s a product everyone wants. Fund raising at Christmas time can be very successful. I’ve done it for many years and Teddy Bears are very popular and in demand. My wife volunteered to be the secretary of a local charity and she asked me one evening my thoughts […]

I Can Help You . . .

I Can Help You… Charities need Christmas gifts for kids during the holiday season.   They have to be good quality and not cost too much. If you are searching for low cost stuffed animals or plush toys to give to youngsters who might not get much of anything from Santa, I can help you. […]

Brand New Beautiful Lying Stuffed Dog

Though our website- sells retired Mary Meyer stuffed toys, we occasionally are given other Specials to sell. Recently my boss-  Kevin gave halfpriceplush a batch of brand new lying dogs to sell. A company placed the order and we made the toys. The customer went bankrupt leaving us with a few thousand beautiful lying […]

History of Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys

Mary Meyer Mfg. Co. was founded in 1933 by Hans – a salesman – and Mary Meyer a seamstress. They were married and started the business in New York City. Hans had been a very successful Fuller Brush salesman and Mary had worked for Miss Carol – a high-end women’s clothing maker. In the early […]

My Life At Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys

I’ve spent 50 years of my life here at Mary Meyer.  I started quite young because Mary Meyer was my Mother. I took over the designing in 1960 and did it until 1985, when my son Steven took over. I created New designs while we were manufacturing here in Vermont. Steven took over when we took our manufacturing […]

I Found 65 Year Old Toy Lamb My Mother Made

My Mother made stuffed toy animals for over 50 years.  Her name is Mary Meyer and she and Dad started a stuffed toy manufacturing company in 1933. It’s still going today, managed by her four grandsons.   In the beginning she made animal pin cushions. These were stuffed animals that women stored their pins and needles in during […]

Me– Mr. Meyer, Featured in Southern Vermont Adventures

Memorable Mr. Meyer! [profile] Originally seen in Southern Vermont Adventures By Don Sawyer Yours truly has always found particular joy sharing human-interest narratives about real and memorable Vermonters – folks of compelling personality and achievement, people who have enriched our culture and our lives. We’ve enjoyed the cantankerous but lovable West Townshend “Old Goats” with […]

Happy Birthday Cake Stuffed Toy by Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer created a family of stuffed toys called “Food For Thought”.  The “Hamburger” and “Can of Sardines” stuffed toys were some early successes in the group. One of my favorites was the “Birthday Cake”.  The cake was made of 4 pieces of fabric toy cake held together with Velcro.  Each piece was unique in that […]

Mary Meyer “Food for Thought” Hamburger Stuffed Toy

     One of Mary Meyer’s most successful stuffed toy designs was our Food for Thought  “Hamburger”, which was created in the late 1990s.  The Hamburger was introduced in 1997 and sold quite successfully through 2005.      The Mary Meyer Hamburger was made up of  the 2 halves of the hamburger roll with the Brown burger as part […]

Mary Meyer “Food for Thought” Toy Designs

The Mary Meyer Stuffed Toy company has been making stuffed toy animals for the past 81 years.      I am Walter Meyer and our family has been designing and making stuffed toys since 1933. In the late 1950s I took over designing our toys from my Mother – Mary Meyer.  In about 1985 my son Steven Meyer took […]