21 April 2014

Mary Meyer Musical Elephant with Moving Trunk


In the mid 1960s  Mary Meyer created a Standing Musical Elephant with moving trunk. 
It was
11 inches high, Elephant Stuffed Toymade of Grey plush with White ears, Black/White felt eyes, a Red neck-ribbon and Pink “I’m A Musical”  ribbon tag.
The musical mechanism was made in Switzerland and was wound up with a key.  As the music played the
trunk turned. The moving trunk was a very novel attraction and made the Elephant a top selling toy.

The Musical Elephant retailed for $4.98.  
This Elephant was designed in the early 1960s and was one of Mary Meyer’s best sellers through the 1960s and into the late 1970s. 
We made many thousands of this Musical Elephant.  I am sure there are many of them in attics and toy boxes today.

Today Mary Meyer is still actively creating New designs and offering a whole zoo of stuffed toys for babies, youngsters and oldsters alike.
Mary Meyer is located in Townshend, Vermont and is still owned and managed by the Meyer family.

by Walter Meyer
Mary Meyer’s son


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