24 August 2017

Brand New Beautiful Lying Stuffed Dog

Though our website- halfpriceplush.com sells retired Mary Meyer stuffed toys, we occasionally are given other Specials to sell. Recently my boss-  Kevin gave halfpriceplush a batch of brand new lying dogs to sell.

A company placed the order and we made the toys. The customer went bankrupt leaving us with a few thousand beautiful lying puppy dogs. Kevin gave them to me to offer to you.

This adorable Lying Dog is 14″ long and is a $25 retail toy.  We reduced the price to $6.00 each – about 50% off the wholesale price.

He’s a handsome dog, with beautiful plush fabric, at a great low price of $6.00 each. Sound good?  It’s a great deal at a super low price. You better order now before they’re all gone. You’ll find them at halfpriceplush.com .

You’ll never find a stuffed toy dog like this, at this price, ever again.

Walter Meyer
email- walter_meyer@marymeyer.com


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