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Maui Press-On Cow Sticks to Car Windows

     Maui Cow Press-On was introduced by Mary Meyer for Christmas 1988 – 26 years ago –  and was sold through the mid 1990s.  Mary Meyer is a stuffed  animal designer, manufacturer and distributor established in 1933 and today located in Vermont and run by Mary Meyer’s family.      Maui Cow was 5” high with […]

Mary Meyer Washable Stuffed Toy Scotty 1946

Mary Meyer started making stuffed toys in the 1933. My Mother was Mary Meyer and I have a collection of toys she made starting in the 1930s right up to today –  2014. As a kid I watched the “ladies” who made the toys doing all of the different toy making operations. Stuffing toys in the 1930s […]

Do You Have a 70+ Year Old Pincushion Doll in Your Attic?

A friend just showed me a Mary Meyer pincushion she has thats over 70 years old.       My Mother was Mary Meyer and she started a company that manufactured pincushions dolls in the 1930s and today is still manufacturing stuffed toys and dolls  –  70+ years later.       During the late1930s Mary Meyer made animal pincushions and dolls. Women […]

Pretty Girl Bunny Is Over 40 Years Old

A friend of mine in Oklahoma found a Mary Meyer Pretty Girl Bunny we made in 1971.  She send me a photo of this 10″ high White plush bunny we made over 40 years ago.  This was one of my favorite bunny rabbit designs. Mary Meyer probably manufactured about 5,000 of these bunnies.   It was a White plush […]

I found a 70 Year Old Stuffed Camel Pincushion my Mother Made

80 Years ago my Mother and Dad started a small business in New York City that made small stuffed animal pincushions.  From those pincushions which are today as up-to-date as the buggy whip, evolved a company that manufactured stuffed plush toys.  Mary Meyer was my Mother and she and Dad started Mary Meyer Manufacturing Co. in […]

Has Anyone Seen My Lazy Hound Dog?

“If You Build It – They Will Come” is a well known saying. I built and sold them and now I wondering what happened to them. I’m talking about stuffed toys.  I was a stuffed toy designer from the late 1950s to the early 1980s – about 25+ years.  The Lazy Hound was one of […]

Are There Any Giant White Shaggy Dogs Out There?

Looking for Special stuffed toy is like looking for a friend. you haven’t seen in years  – I know exactly what he looks like, but it’s been years since I have seen one. I spent the first 25+ years of my working life as a stuffed toy designer for Mary Meyer – our family stuffed toy business here […]

Mary Meyer Humpty Dumpty Stuffed Toys

I wonder how many Old Humpty Dumpty stuffed toys are out there. When I did the designing of Mary Meyer stuffed toys I had a wind-up musical version, a “Shake Me I Chime” version and a soft stuffed version.   Why so many?  The first design was a soft, non-musical stuffed toy.  It was a popular design for girls and […]

Have You Ever Wondered Where All the Vintage Stuffed Dolls Are Today?

I’ve spent most of my life designing and manufacturing stuffed animals and dolls. I took over the job from my mother who was Mary Meyer of the Mary Meyer Manufacturing Company, which was known by most simply as the Mary Meyer stuffed toy company. Mother and dad, Hans Meyer, started making toys and pin cushions […]

Cheery Cheeks Mopsy Mouse Comes Through

I get all kinds of phone calls from people looking for stuffed toys. A few weeks ago a Father called me about a project his 8 or 9 year old daughter was working on.It seems his young daughter and her pal visited a friend in the hospital a number of times while he was laid up […]