26 April 2017

My Life At Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys

I’ve spent 50 years of my life here at Mary Meyer.  I started quite young because Mary Meyer was my Mother. I took over the designing in 1960 and did it until 1985, when my son Steven took over.
I created New designs while we were manufacturing here in Vermont. Steven took over when we took our manufacturing over-seas – first Korea now China.
The quality of the stuffed animals coming out of China today can be excellent- much better than what I was making here in 1960 to 1985.
The fabrics today from China are excellent if you are looking for top quality plush. They with-stand wear better, they are softer and more cuddly and they also wash better.
In addition today’s stuffing material washes and dries better. The whole toy lasts longer than previously made stuffed animals we made here.
After a youngster hugs, tugs and abuses a toy for a year, it may really  look awful. But under that ugly, beat up toy, if washed  and brushed, it could look like a fairly decent stuffed toy, because of the high quality of Chinese materials.

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