15 May 2014

Mary Meyer “Food for Thought” Toy Designs

The Mary Meyer Stuffed Toy company has been making stuffed toy animals for the past 81 years.16631 Sardine Can 250 A

     I am Walter Meyer and our family has been designing and making stuffed toys since 1933. In the late 1950s I took over designing our toys from my Mother – Mary Meyer.  In about 1985 my son Steven Meyer took over the designing from me.

     I asked him a few days ago what are some of his favorite toy designs that he had done. He said the “Food for Thought” group had some really great concepts and he mentioned a few of them.  I gather up samples of the toys he mentioned and had them photographed  for a blog post.

     Steve said one of his favorite toys  was Food for Thought Sandiness, which is a Silver Grey fabric sardine can with a plastic zipper.  The zipper can be wound to open the can. When opened it reveals 4 removable  fabric stuffed toy sardines with embroidered eyes and mouth.

     The “Sardines in a Can” was manufactured starting in 1998 through 2003 and distributed to retail stores mostly in the USA.  The Sardine Can was approximately 6½” long and retailed for $14.98 .  I estimate we made between 5,00 and 10,000 pieces.  16631 Sardine CanB 250 BToday they are hiding in closets, attics and toy boxes though out the USA.

     Mary Meyer is in Townshend, Vermont and designs, manufactures and distributes it’s stuffed toys to approximately 10,000 retail stores.  The company was founded in 1933 by Mary Meyer and her husband, and is still owed and operated by the Meyer family.

     Next week’s Mary Meyer Food for Thought- The Hamburger.

by Walter Meyer




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  • 1 Marc Beitz Says:

    Ten years later, The silver coating on this toy has deteriorated into a metallic goo. It comes of in clumps and bits-perfect for ingestion and hopefully not toxic? Definitely renders the toy unsightly and unusable. Thought I’d let someone know as it seems likely it’s dangerous.

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